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328 Swing Arm

  • Extended range swing arm tire changer.
  • Space saving air blast tank.
  • 40" Tire capacity changes a wide range of tires and wheels.
  • 28" Turntable accommodates most passenger car, trucks, and light/medium.
  • Mounting helper with following arm easily changes low-profile and run-flat tires simply and safely.
  • Engineered for high-volume tire shops.
  • Inside Clamping: 10-28"
  • Outside Clamping: 12-28"
  • Rim/Tire Width: 15"
  • Rim Width: 16"
  • Tire Diameter: 44"
  • Bead Breaker Capacity: 18"
  • Air Pressure (psi): 110-170
  • HP Motor: 1 Speed Inverter
  • Electric Req: 120V 20A
  • Weight: 481 lbs
  • Width: 34"
  • Depth: 36"
  • Height: 75"
Shown with optional mounting helper.


  • Model DIDO 30 H/D truck and bus tire changer.
  • The DIDO 30 features a powerful four-jaw chuck suitable for handling truck, bus and commercial wheels with tube or tubeless tires, including flat base snap-ring rims.
  • Strong and durable spindle arm construction.
  • Safe for steel and alloy rims (with optional alloy wheel protectors).
  • The system features adjustable hydraulic pressure.
  • The product comes with a remote control pedestal for safe and easy operation.

TR-100/200 Helpers

TR-100 & 200 Tecno Helpers
Features on both styles include:

  • A powerful pneumatic bead assist that makes changing difficult tires a one-man job.
  • A three-pivot point follower arm standard as shown in pictures.
  • The follower arm easily depresses and holds the top bead of the tire in the drop center for easy mounting and dismounting.

Extra Features On the Tecno Helper Tilt Include:

  • Dual cylinders for extra power.
  • Dual press rollers, which are held in place by a locking device to prevent movement and damage to wheel.

Tecno Swing

  • Includes follower arm and lifting roller.

Crab 99 Wheel Lift

  • Optional Crab 99 Wheel Lift fits 328, 428, or TC 428 TRF.
Crab 99 Wheel Lift

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