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Redline Products

The Superior Redline Products You Need

Redline 2450 Extended Range Swing Arm Tire Changer

• Space Saving Air Blast Tank in Tower
• 50" Tire Capacity Changes a Wide Range of Tires and Wheels
• 24" Turntable Accommodates Most Passengers
• Car and Light/Medium Trucks
• Optional Mounting Helper with Following Arm Easily Changes Low-Profile and Run-Flat
• Shown with Optional Mounting Helper

Redline 2450

Redline 3200

Redline 3200

• Unbalanced to 0.00's in One SPI
• Full-Size Balancer
• Economically $$$
• 2 Dimension Automatic Data Entry, With Stick On Weight Applicator
• Hidden Weight Spoke Mode
• Foot Brake for Precise Weight Placement
• Quick Nut Standard
• Long 40mm Shaft Accommodates Flange
• Plates, Motorcycle Wheels & Wide Wheel Assemblies
• 4 Conse Standard

Redline 2460

• Changing Tires is a One-Man Operation Every Time
• Ridged Towers Prevents Wheel Damage
• Mounting Helper with 2 Points of Depression Changes Low-Profile Tires
• Run Flat Tires Simply and Safely
• Pneumatic Tilt Tower Increases Speed and Reduces Tech Fatigue
• Shown With Optional Mounting Helper

Redline 2460